The last con ……… good bye White Collar

Layers of the Geek

lead1_0With six years of great cons and shenanigans, White Collar came to a fulfilling end this Thursday. During these years the dynamic duo of Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey raced against the clock to fight off some of the greatest con-artists of all time. Even though they weren’t officially playing father and son, their relationship gave off somewhat of a similar vibe. Peter was the father Neal never had, a man who believed in him so much to keep him from harm’s way and there were times when he even put his job and life at line in order to save Neal. Not only that but the whole cast of the show was pretty good, I mean from the poetic Mozzie to the charming El to the tough as nails Clinton and Diana.

white-collar-goodbye-twit-pics-07312014-lead01-600x450Throughout the years, we saw Neal’s transformation from the exceptionally charming con-man to the (still exceptionally charming)…

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